Our partial user list

 1. Rheometer RHEOTEST®RN 3.1 / 4.1

1.1 Application coating materials in research institutes and quality control laboratories

- DASA München         characterization of ceramics based coating material
- Forschungszentrum Sensorik Greifswald   characterization of coating materials
- Fraunhofer Inst. f. keramische Sintermat.       characterization of ceramic materials
- Clariant Frankfurt                                              characterization of water based lacquers
- Aluminium Feron GmbH Düren characterization of coating materials
- Rohm & Haas Deutschland GmbH characterization of coating materials
- Different building material comp. characterization of coating materials

1.2 Application material tests in research laboratories

- BAM Bundesanstalt f. Materialforschg different material test
- different Technical High Schools
in Germany and East Europe
different material tests – mostly resins/polymers

1.3 Application resins and polymer chemistry

- Akzo Nobel Nederlands characterization of chemicals
- Shell Nederlands    characterization of chemicals and petrol products
- Philips Nederlands    characterization of resin based materials
- Russian petrol companies characterization of polymers and lubricants
- Sprengstoffwerk Gnaschwitz      characterization of explosion gelatines
- Leuna Harze GmbH     characterization of resin materials

1.4 Application foods and pharma products

- Inst. Foods/Pharmaceuticals Sao Paulo   characterization of foods and pharmaproducts
- AVEBE Nederlands  characterization of starch products
- Asta Medica Germany    characterization of pharmaproducts

1.5 Special applications with special rheometer solution

- Institut für Kristallzüchtung Berlin characterization of silicium crystals at 1 500°C
- Korean Research Institute of Chemical Technology characterization of special polymers

2. Capillary viscometer RHEOTEST®LK 2.1/ 2.2

 2.1 Application breweries and malteries (for example)

St Staatliche Brautechnische Prüf- und Versuchsanstalt TU München / Weihenstephan

 Brewery Becks & Co. Bremen
 Brewery Warsteiner
 Brewery Krombacher
Brewery Wernesgrüner
Brewery Jever
Brewery Veltins
Schultheiss Brewery Berlin
Brewery Kronenbourg France
Brewery Schincariol Brazil
MFB maltery France
Cargill malteries in Germany, Nederlands, Belgium and Spain
Malteurope in Germany and France
Maltery IREKS Kulmbach
Maltery Michael Weyermann Bamberg
Maltery RHÖN-Malz Melrichstadt

2.2 Application paints and inks

L.G. Philips Aachen, Eindhoven, Mexico, Hranice (for screen coating)
Vlisco Nederlands    (for textile coating)
Compedo Iserlohn    (for ink production)
TWIN TEC GmbH Königswinter (for ink production)
Wacker Siltronic Freiberg (for coating of silicium discs)

2.3 Application polymer solutions and other chemical solutions

 Hoesch Rothe Erde Dortmund (viscosity control of quenching liquid for hardening processes in steel production)
Buderus Stahl AG Wetzlar (viscosity control of quenching liquid for hardening processes in steel production)
Bayer AG Dormagen (molecular weight determination of polymer solutions)
Giovanni Bozetto SpA Italy low viscous solutions)
 Korean Aerospace (viscosity control of brake liquid of aircrafts)
Wacker Chemie Nünchritz (viscosity control of low viscous silicone solutions)

2.4 Application milk products (viscosity control of concentrated milk)

-         Milchunion Hocheifel Pronsfeld
-         MD-Food Kopenhagen
-         Friesland Frico Domo Nederlands
-         Hochwald Nahrungsmittelwerke Thalfang

3. Ball pressure viscometer HÖPPLER®KD 3.1

-         Hartmann Druckfarben Frankfurt (special print colours)  
-         Wacker Chemie Burghausen (high viscous resins)  
-         Hankook Electric Glas Korea  (viscosity control of special chemicals in glas production)  
-         Akzo Nobel Chemicals Greiz  (viscosity control of resins)  
-         Spolchemie Usti nad Labem – Tschech Republic  (visc. control of special chemicals)  

4. Industry viscometer types RHEOTEST®PR / PV or RHEOTEST®PK / KV

 4.1 Application Chemistry  

-         Wacker Chemie Nünchritz (appr 30 pieces for quality control of different silicone products)  
-         Chemiefaserwerk Premnitz   (appr. 25 pieces for quality control of polyamid fibres)  
-         Tongkook Korea (quality control of Spandex polymer)
-         Doosan Korea    (quality control of epoxy resin)  
-         LG Chemicals Korea (quality control of UV coating process)  
-         BASF Germany (quality control of chemicals)  
-         Bayer Leverkusen (quality control of polymer production)  
-         Jowat GmbH  (quality control of adhesives)

4.2 Application Food Industry

-         Different sugar companies in Ukraine, Tschech Republic, Poland and Korea   to control the sugar crystalization process)  
-         Cerestar Castelmassa Italy     (to control the starch production process)  
-         Different food companies in Europe  (to control yoghurt and jam production)  

4.3 Application Coating Industry  

-         A lot of journal printeries in East European countries

(to control the deep printing process)  
-         A lot of wall paper producers in East European countries   (to control the deep printing process)  
-         LG Philips Aachen    (to control the screen coating process)