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High Resolution Dynamic Contact Angle Tensiometer with Langmuir Blodgett Extension


Application scopes:

Gibb's Absrption Isotherm, CMC, Interfcial Rheology, Static/dynamic Surface Tension/Interfacial Tesnion, Surface Excess, etc.


• LBE can use with all the DCAT dynamic contact angle measuring device/tensiometer

• For measurements of liquids at temperatures up to 90 °C according to the Langmuir Blodgett Method in combination with Wilhemy Plate Method for the measurement of surface tension.
• All software dependent functions in combination with the software packages.
• Electrical and software controlled Langmuir Blodgett trough module with TV 70

• Optional software tool for Surface Rhology Research on Surfactant Mono-layer



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