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OCA 25

New Optical Contact Angle Measuring Device and Tensiometer



The OCA 25 is a fully-equipped semi-automatic video-based contact angle device for all purposes.  It is the most versatile contact angle and drop shape analysis instrument for the automatic measurement of the wetting behavior of solids, as well as for series tests and systematic analysis. The OCA 30 and all upgraded models with their "user programmable features" will enable the reduction of subjective factors and time involved for contact angle measurements in your research, quality and production processes.  The OCA25 series was well designed for all the software-controlled measurements and analyses of:


  • Sessile and Captive Drop Methods for contact angle measurement on plane, convex or concave surface.
  • Needle-in and tilting method for advancing and receding contact angle measurements.
  • Pendant Drop Method for surface and interfacial tension measurements, determination of the polar and disperse components of the surface tension.
  • Lamella Method for surface tension of highly viscous materials.
  • Liquid Bridge Method- innovative measurement setup and analysis of the three phase systems.
  • Surface energy (and its components) calculation based on contact angle measurement results- 9 methods for calculation, representation of wetting envelopes and work of adhesion.
  • Oscillation/relaxation analysis of the real and imaginary part of the interfacial dilatational modulus based on the oscillating or relaxing contour of pendant drops.


  • Industrial and research level device for advanced contact angle measurements and drop shape analysis.
  • The instrument is ready for connection of software controlled electronic accessories for temperature, environment, tilting, advanced dispensing, oscillation and more optional devices.
  • Precise and easy handling of liquid dispensing- up to 6 direct dosing systems.
  • Video measuring system with USB camera capturing 123 images per second, easy upgradeable to higher rates.
  • High-precision methods for evaluating drop contours in combination with statistical error analysis.
  • Access to database of liquids and solids- properties of more than 170 materials for quick reference of density, surface, interfacial tension and other related data, also for 9 methods of surface energy analysis including related citations.


  • Up to six software controlled electronic syringe units ES-r.
  • Maximum sample dimensions (L x W x H): • 220 x ∞ x 70 mm.
  • Maximum sample weight:  15.0 kg.
  • Measuring range for contact angles: 0…180°; ± 0.1° measuring precision of the video system.
  • Measuring range for surface and interfacial tension: 0.01…2000  mN/m resolution: ± 0.01 mN/m.
  • Optics: 6-fold zoom lens (0.7 … 4.5 magnification) with integrated fine focus (± 6 mm).
  • LED lighting with software controlled adjustable intensity without hysteresis.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 660 x 220 x 365 mm.
  • Weight: 18 kg.
  • Power supply: • 100…240VAC; 50…60Hz; 100 W.


  • Variety of dispensing systems for dispensing and analysis of small droplets (starting from 1 Pico liter).
  • Temperature, humidity, pressure, electrical field and environment control systems (up to 1,800C, 100%, 750 bars, etc.).
  • Variety of sample holders for foils, papers, contact lenses.
  • Wide range optical glass cuvettes for captive bubble and interfacial tension measurements.
  • Electro wetting platform EWP100 for analysis of sessile and pendant drops behavior in controlled electrical field.
  • Automated Electronic tilting base unit TBU 95 with maximum tilt angle of 95°.
  • Needle heating devices NHD (up to700 °C).
  • Oscillating drop generator ODG 20 or ESr-O for the measurement of surface elasticity and for relaxation studies of phase boundaries.
  • Various high speed camera upgrade options, upUSB-HSC.
  • Top view video system TV-VS.


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Available Custom Modular Options, which include, but are not limited to: