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Robotic video-based Contact Angle Measuring Device

Measuring head for flat panel display, glass or very large samples in a non-man production process.

PCA100 Dosing


The PCA 100 is designed for the automatic measurement of the wetting behavior of solids (e.g. wafers or glass substrates for flat panel displays) under clean-room conditions of any substrate size, as well as for series tests and systematic analysis. The PCA100 enables the reduction of subjective factors and time involved for contact angle measurements in quality control and production inspection. The instrument is available as a portable, hand-held, bench-top device or to be integrated in a process automation with a robot system.  For the software-controlled measurement and analysis of:


The Static and Dynamic contact angle according to the Sessile Drop Method as well as the analysis of;

  • The drop shape according to the Pendant Drop Method.
  • The wetting behavior on various solid surfaces.
  • The surface free energy of solids and their components.
  • The surface and interfacial tension out of the analysis of the drop shape.


The PCA 100 consists of the basic instrument with the following technical equipment;

  • Measuring head with integrated optics, illumination and multiple dosing unit
    high-performance, telecentric lens with high light transmitting capacity and integrated aperture.
  • Video measuring system with high-resolution CCD-camera.
  • High-performance video digitizing board for the PC.
  • Illumination with continuously adjustable intensity for a homogeneous back lighting.
  • Control and measuring electronics for selection and positioning of the dosing needles.
  • Power supply with automatic voltage adjustment.
  • The 64-bit Windows 7 based compatible software SPCA. The analyses according to different methods were built into the software.



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