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Dynamic Contact Angle Tensiometer



  • Du Noüy-Ring Method for surface and interfacial tension measurements.
  • Wilhelmy Method for surface and interfacial tension measurements.
  • Dynamic contact angle measurement of test liquids on solids (plates, rods, films, single fibers, etc.)
  • Adsorption of liquids by powders and fiber bundles according to extended Washburn Method.
  • Lamella breakpoint test to determine the surface elasticity of liquids.
  • Wetted length determination according to Wilhelmy Method.
  • Automatic determination of the Critical Micelle Formation Concentration (CMC) of surfactants in forward and reversed mode, calculation of the minimum surface tension in synergistic effects of surfactant mixtures, calculation of the space required by molecules on the surface, calculation of the free adsorption energy after Gibbs, calculation of the surface excess.
  • Determination of the contact lamella detachment force from molten toner or molten polymer from solid surfaces.
  • Determination of density of liquids and solids.
  • Surface energy (and its components) calculation based on dynamic contact angle measurement results – 9 methods for calculation, representation of wetting envelopes and work of adhesion.
  • Adhesion force measurement.
  • Sedimentation rate determination.
  • Penetration rate determination.
  • Contact angle of powders and fiber bundles and the adsorption behavior of liquids on wettable materials according to the modified Washburn Method.
  • The Critical Micelle Formation Concentration of surfactants (CMC) according to the Wilhelmy Plate Method, Lenard.
  • Frame Method or the Du Nouy Ring Method with automatic ring correction according to Huh & Mason, Zuidema & Waters and Harkins & Jordan Methods.


  • High precision electrodynamic force compensation weighing system with automatic calibration.
  • Versatile instrument for fully software controlled measurements.
  • Electronic auto-locking for balance safety.
  • Software modules for surface and interfacial tension, dynamic contact angle, density and other measurements.
  • Integrated magnetic stirrer and temperature probe.
  • Software controlled precision liquid dispensing for critical micelle formation concentration measurement.
  • Access to database of liquids and solids- properties of more than 200 materials.
  • For quick reference of density, surface, interfacial tension and other related data, also for 9 methods of surface energy analysis including related citations.
  • Fully automated reproducible measurements.
  • Automatic ring corrections according to Zuidema & Waters, Mason & Huh and Harkins & Jordan.


  • Measuring range for contact angles: 0…180°; ± 0.01°
  • Measuring range for surface and interfacial tension: 1…1000  mN/m resolution: ± 0.001 mN/m
  • Measuring range for densities: •0.50 … 2.50 g/cm3; ± 0.002 g/cm3 resolution
  • Measuring value range: • up to 50 weighing values per second
  • Temperature range: • -10…130 °C with optional refrigerated and heating circulator
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 340 x 230 x 500 mm
  • Weight:  23 kg
  • Max sample stage travel distance: 85 mm
  • Power supply: • 100…240VAC; 50…60Hz; 55 W


  • Precision dispensing system for Critical Micelle Formation Concentration measurement.
  • Variety of solid sample holders for dynamic contact angle measurements (film, single fiber, powder, fiber bundle, etc.)
  • Variety of measurement tools for surface/interfacial tension, density, contact angle, sedimentation, penetration.
  • Sample vessels made of glass, PTFE.
  • Prepared for the installation of a liquid thermal unit ( TV 50 / TV 70 / TV 70-NM / TV 100) for mounting optional sample vessels.
  • Du Nouy Ring RG 11, made of platinum-iridium to DIN 53914.
  • Wilhelmy Plate PT 11, made of platinum-iridium to DIN 53914.
  • LDU 2/2 (Liquid dispensing unit) for automated Critical Micelle Concentration (CMC) Measurement.
  • Refill and Rinse System for the LDU.
  • Temperature and environmental control: TEC250 for polymer melts, chamber of ionizer, etc.
  • Programmable Langmuir Blodgett Module for Gibbs absorption isotherm, and interfacial rheology.
  • UpVideoDCAT module for optiocal Wilhelmy Method.


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